AMS Sludge and Sediment Samplers


Recovering samples of saturated materials can be difficult with most core samplers. The AMS Sludge Sampler addresses this need. The tip of the sampler incorporates a one-way valve that allows material into the sampler, but prevents it from escaping by closing, as the sampler is withdrawn from the material. Made entirely from stainless steel, this sampler may be easily cleaned and decontaminated. The sampler is available in two sizes 2 ¼" and 3 ¼" O.D., with either a threaded or quick connect coupling. The AMS Sludge Sampler are sized by the liners outside diameter of 2" or 3".

Similar to the AMS soil core sampler, this sampler comes with core and auger tips that have been fitted with valves for retention of high quality soil core samples in non-cohesive, saturated materials. Versatile and easy to use for collection of either cored or augered samples of non-cohesive saturated materials in a liner.

The samples can be used for sediment profile descriptions, and geotechnical analysis. Samples for chemical analysis can also be obtained, but they are not suitable for EPA Level III or Level IV analysis for volatile organic compounds. These samplers are primarily used for shallow sediment sample retrieval, but deeper samples may be collected from pre-augered holes. Many of our sludge and sediment samplers may be used with or without liners. They are also very portable.

Includes: Solid cap, valved core tip, valved auger tip, universal slip wrench, plastic end caps, sludge cylinder body, and plastic liner.

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