RAE MultiRAE Plus Multiple Gas Monitor (4 Gas Plus PID)

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Due to its versatility and accuracy, the MultiRAE Plus is a long time standard in the industry. It can be configured with a sensitive PID, LEL, O2, and 2 toxic gas ‘smart' sensors. With many different combinations, and the capability to monitor with up to 5 sensors simultaneously, the MultiRAE Plus can be used for multiple applications like VOC screening, confined space entry, or as a continuous operation area monitor. The PID has a range of 0 to 2,000 ppm at a resolution of .1 ppm and a built in library of 60 correction factors. The available toxic gas sensors are CO, Cl2, H2S, HCN, NH2, NO, NO2, PH3, and SO2. The enclosure features easy access to the battery and sensors allowing the MultiRAE Plus to be reconfigured in the field for many different situations like hazmat/homeland security, environmental, confined space entry, plant health and safety, or industrial hygiene.

The MultiRAE Plus features high, low, TWA, ans STEL alarm levels. The User is notified by a loud 90 dB buzzer and flashing LEDs. The strong internal pump features two speed settings, and can draw samples through up to 100′ of tubing. Field calibration and maintanence is easily performed, and the MultiRAE Plus is compatible with the AutoRAE calibration station. Every MultiRAE Plus includes built in datalogging with enough memory for up to 80 hours at 1 minute intervals for all 5 channels. A Ni-MH battery pack provides up to 12 hours of runtime, and the included alkaline adapter allows operation to continue without the need to recharge.

The MultiRAE Plus is IP55 rated for harsh environments. It is resistant to water, dust, and EMI. A strong rubber boot protects the enclosure, and every MultiRAE Plus is rated intrinsically safe. RAE Systems provides a lifetime warranty on all non consumable parts.



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