Solinst Model 101 Water Level Meter




Long Life:


Laser Marked Flat Tape

Durable, non-stretch PVDF flat tape
Accurately marked each mm or every 1/100 ft
Tape splice option maintained
Certified Traceable to National Standards

PVDF Laser Marked Tape

The Model 101 P7 Water Level Meter uses extremely durable, PVDF flat tape, traceable to NIST and EU measurement standards. Each tape conductor contains 13 strands of stainless steel, and 6 strands of copper-coated steel, making the tape non-stretch and high in tensile strength and electrical efficiency. The tape has a thick dog bone design that prevents adherence to wet surfaces, and allows it to hang straight in application. The tape is also easy to splice.

The 3/8" (10 mm) tapes come with permanent laser markings every 1/100 ft. or each millimeter.

LM2: Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft. 

Operating Principles:

Model 101 Water Level Meters use corrosion proof stainless steel probes attached to permanently marked flat tape, fitted on a well-balanced reel. They are powered by a standard 9 volt battery.

The probes incorporate an insulating gap between electrodes. When contact is made with water, the circuit is completed, activating a loud buzzer and a light. The water level is then determined by taking a reading directly from the tape at the top of the well casing or borehole.

A sensitivity control allows the buzzer to be turned off while in cascading water, and ensures a clear signal in both high and low conductivity conditions.


Polyethylene Tape

The Model 101 P2 Water Level Meter uses high quality polyethylene tape that reels smoothly, remains flexible and hangs straight in the well. Heat embossed marking each millimeter or 1/100 ft. allow accurate readings. The 3/8" (10 mm) wide tapes come in lengths up to 6000 ft. (1800 m).

Seven stranded stainless steel conductors resist corrosion, provide strength and are non-stretch. They make the tape very easy to repair and splice. The dog-bone design reduces adherence to wet surfaces.

M2 Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.

Solinst Polyethylene Tape Design

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