Thermo pDR-1000AN - Personal Aerosol Dust Monitor

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The pDR1000 personal dust monitor is a long time standard in airborne particulate monitoring. The standard version, the pDR-1000AN, is available for passive air sampling applications and can be converted into a pDR-1200 for active sampling with the addition of the PDR-AS active sampling attachment accessory. The pDR-1000 has a range of 0.001 to 400 mg/m³ and an accuracy within 5% of the indicated reading. The instrument comes factory calibrated and after a simple zeroing procedure, is ready to use. The pDR-1000 automatically performs calibration checks and gravimetric calibration can be performed easily in the field by comparison with a filter sampler. Datalogging is built in and included with every unit, allowing up to 13,300 sets of data to be stored. Runtime from a single 9V alkaline battery is about 20 hours and increases to 40 hours with a lithium battery. An optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack, the PDR-BP, increases the runtime to 72 hours. The pDR-1000 weighs only 18 ounces, and includes all the accessories required for zeroing and datalogging.

With the addition of the optional PDR-AS attachment the pDR-1000AN can be converted to a pDR-1200 for active sampling to perform particulate size selective measurements. A vacuum pump module that can operate at the correct flow rates is required. Thermo offers the PDR-PU pump module, with an adjustable flow rate of 1 to 4 LPM, to perform this function. The PDR1200 incorporates a specially designed cyclone that can create precise particle size cut points when the pump is operated at specific flow rates.



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